Halfway is not always in the middle

Find the perfect spot for your team to meet
and book the lowest fares together

Discover our unique way of organising group travel

Imagine you have a business team spread around the world or your friends live in various cities and you would like to find the most convenient place to meet. When travelling by planes halfway is not always in the middle. The closest destination for everybody might not be the cheapest one. Discover destinations that are a perfect meeting spot, but you might have never thought about them on your own.

We are redesigning
travel search

Our application learns and reasons by incorporating the most complex cognitive methods. Halfway's search engine analyzes the context in order to build up user's profile and find the best travel destinations for business, groups and individuals.

How it works


Create your group

Add team members and fill in their origin locations. If you are travelling alone, use the app to get inspired and find destination for your next trip.

Slack integrated bot

Add Halfway slackbot to your Slack conversation. Our bot will collect information on your team members and notify all of you about bargains on your next trip. You can also initiate your search straight from your Slack conversation.

Add details

The more data you feed the app with the smarter it gets. You can specify the budget, prefered activities or the region you would like to visit. Select dates for your meeting. Maybe you're on a strict schedule or you are flexible, and you can leave whenever the prices are best.

Smart search engine

We have incorporated a unique algorithm to create an intelligence powered search engine. It anticipates your needs and presents you with a tailored set of destinations.

Bargain finder

We deliver updates on flights that match your profile and bargains you cannot miss. With our fair forecast advice, you always know the right moment to book the flight.

Pick your spot and discover

It's the right moment and you are all set. Review your trip and share it with your friends. You are one step away form discovery of new gateways.

Book your trip together straight from the app
...and meet!


We make it easy to do business

Conferencing is a pain. Take the best out of your team and share knowledge in one place. We make it easy to schedule a meeting for co-workers that are spread around the globe, allowing for a better communiaction and collaboration. Plus, we offer you the best bargains and the fastest trips in the right time.

Boost your team's collaboration and engage with your co-workers

We bring creative ideas for leisure

Organising a family gathering or reunion with your friends? Halfway is the perfect tool that brings people closer. Tell us about your favourite activites or destinations and browse through a set of perfect getaways. Don't want a trip to overrun your budget? We've got you covered with the best flight deals!

Impress your friends with the perfect getaways

Created for those who want to discover

You don't need to travel as a big group nor to be spread across the globe to use our app. Halfway takes care of organising trips just as well for lonely travellers. We redesigned travel search and now it is the app's responsibility to come with a creative idea for your next trip!

Halfway inspires lonely travellers and restless nomads

Award wining application

Halfway is the winner of the THACK Hackathon, which took place in Hamburg 16-17 October 2015.
The application won 5 prizes in following categories:
  • TNOOZ-IATA Best Application
  • TNOOZ-IATA People's Choice Award
  • Hotelbeds Main Prize
  • Sabre Main Prize
  • Make It Social Main Prize

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