Slack integration

Streamline organising all of your team’s travels by adding our bot to your conversation. Our super friendly concierge will take care of all of your travels. Halfway’s Slackbot is always online helping you with searching and booking. It also remembers all your itineraries so if you need help just ask!


Travel planning and trip management made easier. We take care of all of it - from early planning to post trip. By incorporating airplanes, hospitality and on site activities you can book a whole lot more by filling a whole lot less with optimized booking process.


Halfaway will know you and your preferences. We will help you make the best of your travels by making them perfectly tailored experiences. Expand your horizons with a set of unique boutique destinations.

Immediate bookings

No waiting. Book your trip instantly from the app. Bo- oking flights online is thought to be really tedious to complete. Halway's approachable and friendly interface will guide you through the booking process creating an aesthetically pleasing and delightful interaction.

Mobile and Web

Plan, book and track your travels from anywhere. Enjoy the ease of use with easy to use web and mobile appli- cations. We have streamlined the search and booking process givinig you the ability to organise group and in- dividual travels in just a couple of clicks.

Best deals

There is no need for you to search for the best bargains - Halfway will bring them to you. We have competetive rates for all travel needs and price alerts that let you book with confidence. Plus if you travel as a bigger group we will give you even more exclusive prices.

Offline access

Never forget your gate number or departure time with a set of offline itineraries, available on your mobile phone. Quickly access all your travel plans on the selected device.

Beautiful UX Design

We perfectly know that thoughtful design makes app usage smooth and enjoyable. We are crafting a new format of searching and booking that redefines a noto- riously terrible user experience. We set the bar high to create a design that is full of creative smarts and fines- se, developing first class user experience.

Calendar synchronization

Halfway plays nicely with popular calendar tools. You can connect our app to the online calendar you are using. We will push your trip’s schedule into your favo- urite tool. Own your time by a comprehensive view of all your meetings and trips.

En route notifications

Complete travel experience and support when on the go. Stay connected with a set of on road notifications that will guide throught your whole trip. When you’re on the go and it’s time to check-in use our at the ready system to do it in just one click.

Various users same solution

Halfway is for everybody. With a dash of wit and some strategic planning we have managed to produce a really engaging solution for all travelers - corporate, friends, family or lonely travelers.

Halfway-App users