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Our story

In Cometari developers team decided to participate in the THACK Hackathon, Hamburg. A hacking weekend was supposed to be a fun way to integrate and challenge our coding skills. The idea for Halfway (at that time named Meet Me Halfway) was really simple - find a meeting spot for people that are spread around the world. We had only 24h but we got ourselves together and managed to develop an app that integrated to over ten different APIs from Sabre, Hotelbeds, IATA and Make it Social. We came, we hacked and we kicked ass! The application won five major prizes. That is when we realized that there was a huge opportunity to change the way people travel by redesigning travel search. Since then we have been working really hard on Halfway development.

We decided to craft a new format of travel search and booking that redefines a notouriously terrible user experience. Halfway lets you discover destinations that you have never portrayed as perfect meeting spots. We've created a unique search solution that corresponds to the need of a seamless travel groups and individuals. Halfway is empowered to build personalized travel packages that meet each team member expectations. For the ease of use application has a custom build slackbot that integrates to Slack group conversations creating a natural space for chatting between fellow travellers.

Our mission

Our mission is to bring people close and provide them with exciting travel experiences. We do these by creating a really engaging solution. We do disrupt and we are driven by doing things differently. We are united by the belief that innovation is the biggest challenge facing travel industry today, Halfway is built for invention and disrupt. We are system thinkers, believing it is how digital products and services work together that creates an experience users love. We are building personalised future conecting all travel services to shape up a holistic user experience. We want travel to evolve around travellers' needs.

Our branding

We seek to articulate Halfway's branding in a way that is tangible and exciting. Halfway uses moodlit inspired colors and fun graphics to create an exciting experience for it's users. The main colors have a high chroma producing a variety image instead of calm or warm image. We have designated four vivid colors: emerald, tourqouise, violet and magenta to express Halfway app's dynamics and energy. These colors together with fun characters express the unique brand identity such as excitement, innovation, dynamism and pleasure. We love clean and flat design, though for the colorful and quirky part of Halfway identity we drew inspiration from Memphis Group design.

We have decided to frame our voice to be more approachable and friendly and to focus on aesthetically pleasing and delightful interaction. Both Halfway app and Halfway Slackbot use predefined, bold copy, AI and natural language processing to create a conversational interface. Halfway crafts a new format of travel searching and booking which puts the user at the center surrounded with our light-hearted branding strategy and daring copywriting.


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